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OrangeShield offers protection against mold
OrangeShield is a new wood treatment from Diacon Technologies for the prevention of mold in new home and building construction. By treating wood trusses and wood components before

the system has been designed to ensure strap tension is maintained, even in the event of a complete loss of air pressure. In addition to maintaining the dog lock, an air priority valve is used to ensure priority for the service brakes.
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Cinch air powered  winch from Traction  Technologies 
Traction Technologies Inc has begun  limited sales of its Cinch air-powered  winch. This innovative auto tensioning  load securement system eliminates all  need for a pry bar to secure loads.  Cinch uses air pressure to tighten standard  winch straps and maintains a preset  tension for the duration of the trip. The  strap tension can be set from zero to over  2,000 lbs and is engaged by a simple twobutton  operation.

Tension is adjustable  to accommodate any cargo type and  the system has been designed to ensure  strap tension is maintained, even in the  event of a complete loss of air pressure. In  addition to maintaining the dog lock, an  air priority valve is used to ensure priority  for the service brakes. 
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Komatsu adds WA430-6 wheel loader to line-up
Komatsu Canada Limited recently added the WA430-6 to its fleet of wheel loaders. The unit is said to offer high productivity and durability as well as greater operator comfort and ease of controls. The WA430-6 has 231 net hp, an operating weight between 40,840 lbs and 41,226 lbs and a dumping clearance of 9’11” when equipped with a 4.6 cubic yard general purpose bucket with bolt-on cutting edge.

The machine is equipped with the latest Komtrax technology which sends the machine’s operating information to a secure website utilizing wireless technology. It also features a Komatsu SAA6D114E-3 diesel engine with an electronic heavy duty common rail fuel injection system, providing fast throttle response while optimizing fuel combustion. Fuel consumption is greatly reduced because of the low-noise, high-torque engine and the large capacity torque converter with maximum efficiency in the low range, combined with CLSS (closed-centre load sensing system).
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Select offers blade sharpening grinder
Select Sawmill Co, has come out with a new blade sharpening grinder. It maintains saw blades from 2-1/2” to 7-3/4” wide and features enhancements such as increased blade angle adjustments, automated blade feed with carbide blade pushers, two independently controlled 220V electric motors with inclusive start/stop panel and a heavy duty support base with attached blade guide posts.

The Select grinder is also supplied with double-cut attachments and an optional swaging table that can be inserted within the saw blade support stands. It performs in the most demanding environments, and is sensibly priced, says the company.
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Lucidyne offers new grade mark reader
Lucidyne’s ColorScan Grade Mark Reader has a successor—the new M5 GMR. Not only does it match ColorScan’s reliability and bulletproof design, the company says, it also generates more value in several ways: solid-state lighting

• no bulb changes for 20 years or more; enhanced colour recognition – twice as many colours with more stability; high-speed ethernet interface – offers instant support and upgrades; and new software

• the latest image recognition techniques plus an intuitive user interface.

The M5 is already in production in several mills, converting handwritten crayon trim and grade symbols into commands for trimmer/sorter control systems. And Lucidyne also has an incentive plan for current ColorScan users who want to “retrofit” their old ColorScan system to an M5.
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Tigercat 234 loader gets upgrades
Released in 2006, the new Tigercat 234 has been Tier III upgraded and is now powered by the Cummins QSB6.7, providing an output of 173 hp at a quiet 1,800 rpm. The 234 was designed to be a fuel efficient loader, capable of achieving high production in heavy duty cycle applications.

The 234 is equipped with a 32’ boom set achieving 32,500-lb lift capacity at 11’. It is also equipped with an oversize swing drive gearbox and a large bearing.

A dedicated pressure compensated piston pump ensures swing priority. The load sensing, flow-on-demand hydraulic system ensures simultaneous control of all machine functions, excellent fuel economy and reduced heat generation, says the company. The closed loop swing system also contributes to improved fuel efficiency because the machine recovers energy every time the swing coasts to a stop.
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