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Supplier Newsline

Ponsse’s Bear takes on larger timber
Ponsse’s new Bear harvester performs best in stands of larger diameter trees, with well-designed features enabling quick, precise, and safe handling of sizeable trees in demanding terrains and conditions. The exceptionally powerful crane uses two slewing motors, which results in an enormous 36,882 lb-ft of swing torque. Its powerful crane, exceptional swing torque, and the 20-degree tilt of the crane table provide solid timber handling on sloped terrain, says the company. The Ponsse H8 harvester head has been designed specifically for efficient handling of large challenging stems. The crane and the cabin are located in different parts of the frame, which improves visibility and reduces vibrations on the driver. Great visibility and a comfortable, functional working environment increase efficiency and productivity, while reducing operator fatigue, according to the company.

Precision Husky debarker features reversible drums
Precision Husky’s four-flail debarker weighs in at 96,000 lbs, with each drum being reversible and infinitely variable. The total feed system, including all rolls, is also reversible and infinitely variable. The unit is powered by a Caterpillar 580 hp C15 diesel engine.                                   

The system feeds multiple stems at 175 fpm with less than 0.3 per cent (3/10 of 1 per cent) bark content. While this system can process any type of softwood, it’s specifically designed for eucalyptus hardwood plantations. The unit includes a luxurious operator’s cab with a state-ofthe- art conform control seat for the operator. It’s specially designed to match the high-performance capabilities of the Precision Husky 2366 Whole Tree Chipper.

Dressta adds wheel loader to line-up
Dressta has added the 555C Extra wheel loader to its line-up. It features a new turbocharged, in-line six-cylinder Cummins QSM11 engine. This 10.8-litre Tier 3 certified engine delivers 319 net hp at 2,100 rpm or 330 net hp with minimum fan usage. Maximum torque is 1,235 lb-ft at 1,400 rpm.                                   

This wheel loader can be equipped with buckets ranging from 5.5 cubic yards to 11.0 cubic yards and has an approximate operating weight of up to 66,380 lbs. Dressta has added a new cooling module, upgraded the hydraulics system, and the battery has been moved to the rear of the machine for easier access. The machine features an electrically controlled, full power shift, four-speed countershaft transmission providing proper ground speed matches for all operations.

John Deere commits to remanufacturing business
The Phoenix Reman Group recently became John Deere Reman – Edmonton. The new name reflects John Deere’s commitment to the growing remanufacturing business.                 

Originally founded as Phoenix Piston Hydraulics in 1984, the company began by repairing hydraulic pumps and motors for a growing regional market. Today, John Deere Reman – Edmonton produces components for John Deere Construction & Forestry, John Deere Agriculture, Hitachi Construction and Hitachi Mining. The product scope has grown, and axle and transmission revenue now rivals the historic hydraulic component business. Electronics remanufacturing has recently been added.                                   

John Deere embraces environmental benefits of remanufacturing Approximately 85 per cent of the energy expended in original manufacturing is preserved in the remanufactured product.

New leveling undercarriage for Tigercat
The new R6152L leveling undercarriage shares the same design elements as Tigercat’s R7150L undercarriage used on the L830C and L870C series machines. The new leveler reduces weight and provides a lower cost leveling undercarriage that works well with smaller platforms offered by Tigercat.                                   

The R6152L uses F8 (D6 sized) track components. The undercarriage is 280 mm narrower and 4,090 kg lighter than the FH400 leveler but has the same track length. The bottom corner of the track drive motor housing is clipped, preventing the undercarriage from plowing a furrow through the soil, leaving extra power for hill climbing.                                   

The prototype undercarriage has been mated to an 822C platform equipped with closed loop track drives. The new model, designated LX822C, is working in mountainous terrain in the interior of British Columbia.  

New office for Volvo Financial Services
Volvo Financial Services North America recently celebrated the opening of its new office in Aurora, Ontario. The new facility will support the growth of the company’s Canadian operations, which provide financial services to dealers and customers within the Mack Trucks, Volvo Trucks, Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Rents and Prevost bus business segments.                                   

Volvo Financial Services currently has 340 employees throughout North America, 50 of which are based in Canada.

Cat installs Tier 3 engines in track harvesters
Caterpillar Forest Products has announced that the Cat 501 and 501HD track harvesters have been updated with the new 157 hp Caterpillar C6.6 ACERT Tier 3 engines rated at 2,200 rpm. The innovative technology reduces emissions at the point of combustion to meet clean air regulations. The engine generates 11 per cent more torque over previous Tier 2 engines in the lower rpm ranges. This additional torque provides more power at reduced rpms for increased fuel efficiency. It also maintains higher hydraulic flow under load for faster processor speeds.

Metal Shark helps identify log quality
Sawmill operators can now know better the quality of logs before they enter their mill. Using Metal Shark technology, mills can differentiate between butt, intermediate and top of log.                                   

Mills can also determine log density, ring growth to 0.1 mm, heartwood diameter and shape, physical volume of the log and bark, as well as sections in the log and log length. With Metal Shark, it’s easy to link to optimization software and it scans at 650 fpm.

Armorcord pull cords offer longer life, higher strength
Braided nylon motor starter pull cords can wear out and break at inopportune times—downtime and production losses can be the result. In a highly productive industry, such as logging, companies can ill afford to have unnecessary downtimes due to a broken pull cord.                                   

Full Pull Industries is using new patented technology to deliver a new and improved product with its Armorcord pull cord. The Armorcord can be used on chainsaws, generators, snowmobiles, pressure washers, ATVs and other equipment. Armorcord offers a high breaking strength, up to 2,000 lbs, says the company. It has zero creep, and flex fold, and offers high chemical and abrasion resistance, and outstanding cut resistance.                                   

Since Armorcord has zero stretch, the motor flywheel turns 2.5 times faster with an Armorcord than with a nylon pull cord. This creates more compression and a hotter spark.                 

The flatness characteristic of the Armorcord provides almost twice the wraps on the starter flywheel which will prevent operator injury/strain when reaching the knot on a hard pull, says the company. Comparison testing of Armorcord and nylon internal combustion engine starter pull cords has been carried out by the company, with the results demonstrating that Armorcord pull cords can last about 300 times longer than nylon pull cords. The Armorcord is used in the forest industry, including by the BC Forest Safety Council, with positive results

Madill introduces its smallest leveling buncher
Madill recently introduced its smallest leveling buncher, the T1250. With a 22”, 360 degree hotsaw, the T1250 weighs in at 67,000 lbs and has 70,000 lbs of tractive effort.                 

The T1250 is powered by an Isuzu Tier 3 7.8 litre, 285 hp turbo diesel and features a Linde load-sensing hydraulic system, giving tunable multi-function capability. The machine has a D7 size tilting undercarriage with 27 degree forward tilt, side-tilt, and has eight rollers with simple and easy access.                                   

Like all Madill bunchers, the T1250 is equipped with a high visibility forestry cab with numerous standard features for operator comfort.                                   

Madill now offers seven models of feller bunchers to the industry and all of these carriers are capable of being converted to purpose-built harvesters.