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Tech Update - Chippers

By Tony Kryzanowski

Logging & Sawmilling Journal
takes a look at the wide range of wood chippers in the market in this Tech Update feature. The focus in this equipment area continues to be on turning out a quality product with ease of maintenance on the mechanical side.

While there are some exceptions, the market generally breaks down into manufacturers who produce stationary chippers—such as Brunette, Carmanah and USNR—and mobile chipper manufacturers, primarily for pulp chips, such as Morbark, Peterson and Precision Husky (which produces stationary and mobile machines)—and some companies that produce biomass type chippers.

The Brunette 3230 drum chipper is specifically designed to produce more uniform quality chips from short material. The chipper is a 32” drum type with the knives extending the full face-width of the drum. By using this design, short trim blocks can be held firmly during chipping. The drum chipper is equipped with a clam shell opening operated by a hydraulic cylinder to provide an ergonomically friendly working area for knife change. According to Brunette, the combination of angled drop feed, four single flat knives and excellent cutting geometry for short wood ensures superior chip quality with minimal maintenance costs. The Brunette drum chipper is also available in a 48” and 60” drum for higher volumes of trim blocks and lily pads.

The newly developed ADVANTAGE chipper line offers many benefits. The SUPER chipper provides features such as a cast disc, integral drive base, and pneumatically actuated quadrant for knife access. Carmanah’s approach with the ADVANTAGE line is enhanced value through simpler design. The plate-machined disc provides a sliding access door instead of the costlier pivoting design. The integral drive is optional. The result, says Carmanah, is that the ADVANTAGE chipper delivers high performance at reduced cost.

USNR’s disc chipper is a robust workhorse available in four sizes and three configurations. Each model can accommodate bottom, rear, and top discharge for maximum flexibility and consistently uniform chips. The horizontal feed chipper is the most basic configuration and processes logs and wastewood slabs without requiring a special installation layout. Gravity feeding handles high volumes of logs or trim blocks on the drop feed chipper. The spout helps align the material, packing it tightly to produce high-quality chips.

The “J”-spout chipper is a high capacity wastewood chipper equipped with a very short spout. The large “J”-shaped opening is generally fed by a vibrating conveyor that automatically self-feeds, even through difficult surges.

Building on the proven design of the model 30 RXL Chiparvestor, Morbark has fashioned the new compact model 30 NCL. Eliminating the cab, loader and feedbed from the RXL model results in a lighter, easy-to-transport chipper that is powerful and productive.

With no feedbed, smaller landings can be used, allowing the model 30 NCL to manoeuver into tighter areas. However, its compact design doesn’t mean less productivity. This unit is raising the bar for industry professionals who are chipping increasingly large diameter wood, the company says.

With larger feed and throat openings, as well as power choices up to 1,000 hp, this chipper is said to be a real workhorse. The model 30 NCL features the 83” disc with three or four knives.

The model 30 NCL is a great fit for biomass producers, clean chip producers or large stemwood operations, among others, the company says. In addition, this unit is ideally positioned behind a stand-alone debarker.

Peterson Pacific
The Peterson model 5900 disc chipper is built to produce high quality paper chips when used with a Peterson model 4800 debarker or fuel chips as a stand-alone fuel wood chipper. The same high quality chipping components have been used for many years in Peterson’s 5000G delimber/debarker/chipper.

The 5900 has a large feed throat capable of accepting up to a 23” diameter tree or multiple smaller diameter stems. The 5900 is provided with a standard three-knife disc and is also available with an optional four-knife disc. Peterson’s heavy duty 66” diameter, 4.75” thick chipper disc has a replaceable 0.5” thick wear plate. Chipping production rates from 60 to 100 tons can be achieved depending on chip size.

The Peterson 5900 is designed with a minimum of complication for reliable low cost, long-term operation. The chipper disc is directly driven from a high capacity dry disc clutch and belts. The six-cylinder Caterpillar C18 engine is more economical and requires less maintenance than 12-cylinder engines.

Precision Husky
Precision Husky’s drum chippers start at 30” and 580 hp and go up to 40” diameter and 760 hp. The infeed bed range is from 45” to 60” in width.

Sawmill chippers are available from 38” to 66” disc diameter, and roundwood chippers are available from 75” to 118” disc diameter, weighing more than 34 tons. As one of the major sawmill chipper equipment manufacturers, the company has chippers operating in practically every forest-producing country in the world.

The Woodsman model 337 chipper has a solid combination of features including a large infeed bed, unique rear pivoting feed system, 48” wide pocket cutting drum and a specially designed discharge chute, which is capable of completely filling a 54’ trailer.

The Woodsman 337 also comes with the most advanced hardware available in a drum-style chipper today, the company says. Each pocket has a bolt-in replaceable holder, counter knives, clamps, and Babbitt knives. Woodsman’s hardware upgrades provide chipper owners with advantages such as lower operating costs, easier maintenance, increased knife usage and better chip quality, according to the company.

In addition to unique drum features, the 337 incorporates state-of-the-art hydraulic systems that utilize high-quality, pressure- compensated, load-sensing pumps. A fully adjustable modular valve allows each function to be adjusted to each individual operator and their chipping operation. Woodsman’s hydraulic connections use flat face O-ring seals and its electrical system incorporate plug-and-play technology.

The Woodsman Model 337 is available with horsepower from 630 hp to 700 hp in either Caterpillar or Cummins engines.

Bandit Industries
With over 20,000 units in operation worldwide, the 12” capacity model 250XP is the most popular chipper of the tree care professional. The model 250XP is available with engine options up to 140 hp, and features a wide 12-1/2” x 19” opening. When given the choice, tree care professionals have chosen the 12” model 250XP as their primary on-site chipping machine.

The model 1990XP is the ultimate hand-fed chipper. Available with 160- to 250-hp engines and a 24” x 24-1/2” chipper opening, the model 1990XP has the same powerful feed system as Bandit’s whole tree chippers. All Bandit hand-fed chippers are available with auxiliary loader option and self-propelled track undercarriage, making them the ideal site clearance machine.

The model 1090XP hand-fed chipper is a 12” capacity drum chipper with a 15 3/8ths” x 17” chipper opening and 37” diameter drum. Weighing in at 6,300 lbs on a single 7,000-lb Nev- R-Lube Torflex axle, the 1090XP can be equipped with engines ranging from 65 to 140 hp.

Dynamic Manufacturing
The new model 585 fuel-wood chipper from Dynamic Manufacturing features the patented Cone-Head drum style cutting system that is the hallmark of all Dynamic machines. According to the company, the unique cutting angle of the drum has proven to be more efficient than conventional designs, therefore it processes more tons per gallon of fuel, and more tons per horsepower.

The model 585 comes standard with a 34” wide by 22” high throat opening for easy feeding; two vertical and one 27” diameter horizontal feed wheel; a 10’ long by 93” wide heavyduty live infeed bed with three strands of heavy-duty drag chain; multi-function radio remote control; triple axles with electric brakes; replaceable wear plates in all high-wear areas; and engine options up to 500 hp.

Compact and durable, heavy duty yet mobile, it’s easy to integrate the 585 into an operation looking to profit from the expanding fuel-wood market. The 585 easily processes slash and waste into a high quality and in-demand fuel product.

The CBI 6400 four-pocket chipper features a metal release system that protects rotor, anvil, and screens. The pre-screen conveyor transports fines screened out by the bottom feedroll to mix with ground material or diverts it to stockpile. It has a clamshell opening for ease of maintenance. A choice of three Cat engines up to 1,050 hp, or electric drive, is available. The variable speed/feed system is based on engine load and is fully radio remote controlled.

This machine is said to be ideal for producing chips for biofuel and can yield 3 mm – 6 mm chips for pellets in one pass. It can also make chips up to 30 mm. This model comes in portable, track-mounted and stationary configurations.