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TECHUPDATE - Lumber Strapping and Wrapping

By Tony Kryzanowski


Clients can depend on Do2’s automatic wrapping machine’s outstanding performance, the company says, specifically designed to streamline production and increase safety.

Do2 says its automatic wrapping machine will last the test of time and increase production for lumber manufacturers. Its RapidWrapper System reduces costs and increases efficiency with the optional in-line label printing system.

Benefits include the need for no operator, consistent wrapping quality, fast wrapping, fast payback, low maintenance, reliability, low cost labeling with great quality, user friendliness, use of standard woven wrap, and high autonomy.

Zero maintenance components include the Gearbox Alpha which provides zero backlash, timing belts, self-lubricated NSK linear bearing, and SMC pneumatic components.


As a market leader in protective fabrics, IPG says that customers can be sure with its lumber wrap that their products will arrive completely protected.

IPG has been a major, integrated supplier to the North American lumber industry for over 25 years. Its products offer premium protection with exceptional tear resistance, strength, durability and whiteness.

IPG’s coated woven materials are widely used as protective packaging for a variety of industrial products such as dimensional lumber, engineered wood products and metal coils.

The company says it offers superior aesthetics with its durable white wraps. Customers are able to advertise their corporate logo in up to four colors, for increased brand awareness throughout the transportation process.

Weather and sunlight resistant, IPG’s wraps are said to be ideal for protection during transportation, handling and storage. They are also available in various weave strengths, colors, laminations and coatings.

IPG operates printing and manufacturing plants on both the east coast and the west coast of North America.

SignodeSignode Packaging Systems

Designed to deliver maximum package reliability in a simple to operate and easy to use machine, Signode Packaging Systems has introduced the innovative BPX lumber strapping system incorporating Signode’s revolutionary modular head technology.

Engineered with a number of cost, safety and time-saving features to facilitate easier maintenance and operation, the BPX reduces maintenance time to maximize productivity.

The BPX’s innovative features and overlapping functions result in maximum load stability. It starts with unique independent side compression for improved load squaring and alignment. Unlike other systems, the BPX pre-folds edge protectors prior to placing them on the load, to ensure consistent strap tension. Battens are precisely delivered to the load and held securely in place until strapping is concluded.

The BPX’s automatic load pre-staging prepares the platen and side compression bars to accommodate variable size loads, shortening the cycle time. Its highly intuitive, user-friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface) provides quick and easy diagnosis of service-related issues.


Utility Composites Inc. offers a completely metal-free stapling system primarily used for tagging and wrapping lumber. The company says that the industry’s customers want metal-free lumber. If companies or their customers are concerned with rips, tears or staples pulling-through wrap, or corrosion, staining and degradation of wood from moisture, then RAPTOR composite staples are said to be a good solution.

SamuelSamuel Strapping Systems

Samuel Strapping System’s SLP-25 lumber press has built a reputation for toughness from the installation of the first machine in 1970. Over the years, the company has evolved the design of the SLP-25 to meet the demands of today’s demanding mill environments with state-of-the-art controls and, according to Samuel, the toughest frame in the industry. Its flexible platform can be configured to suit individual specifications, with up to 25,000 lbs top and side compression available to suit the needs of client products. Automatic bunk carriage magazines and flat fibre edge protector dispensers ensure complete package protection and total automation.

Bulldog BagBulldog Bag

Bulldog Bag Ltd. has been providing the forest products industry with unique solutions for packaging kiln-dried, treated and green lumber for the better part of 40 years. From the company’s polywoven lumber wrap and custom-sewn covers to its full line of packaging solutions for shavings, bark mulch and wood pellets, Bulldog Bag says it has a packaging solution to meet client needs.

From its facility in Richmond, B.C., it supplies a complete line of lumber wraps and custom-sewn cover products. This includes its standard Lumber Shield and its Lumber Shield Plus products.

Its custom graphic printing is done in-house, which the company says offers some of the best lead times in the industry.